Our mission

Develop best-in-class solar energy products to offer personnal solution to charge all your batteries at home or on the go and make your electronic devices really autonomous through renewable energy.

Our company profile

Our mother company, Impact Group has been founded in 2004. Highly specialized in sales and marketing services for retail electronics and FMCG companies. In 2012, the turnover exceeded 30M€ with 280 people. Powertec is the innovation and ecology division which has been created to meet this demand. It conceives and sells innovativ solutions based on clean energy such as portable solar chargers.

Our vision

We are a pionner in the first innovating portable energy solutions using pure softcells solar technologies.

Our know how is the result of long-term relationships and supply for professionnal equipments (army, telcos, marine).

We have been a pionner in launching the very first efficient solar solutions using purely renewable energy.
We added this year some new line-up such as reusable KORWater hydration vessels www.korwater.fr targeting plastic bottle reduction and water protection and MyEcoCan Pla Biodegradable reusable cans...sustainability by design !