Innovation & Environment

A US technology, a design « made in France ».
Powertec develops and manufactures portable solar solutions using the latest aSi photovoltaïcs soft cells « made in USA » which have been developped for the NASA and military purposes.
These panels are lightweight, unbreakable and high efficiency providing individuals or professional the best renewable energy product ever.

The embedded 5V USB port on all "PT USB" series allows you to charge as fast as possible all portable electronics devices from smaller to biggest ones.


Willing to demonstrate greenminded can be a fact, Powertec has thought over the whole packaging chain of its products. How to get rid of these plastic blisters flowing everywhere?
To answer this trendy demade, we have conceived a steady PEFC carton made packaging printed with vegetable coatings that allow each product of the range to be visible, clearly identified and touchable.
Somewhat to spare production money coming from the materials diminution, a better weight (and so less fuel) and avoid plastics. 50% less consumption for water, energy and fuel.
This is Powertec’s contribution to ecology.